And if I wasn't then why would I say I am?

Bashar Wali

I live in Portland, so naturally I’m all about making. But the thing that I love to make most, is transcendent experiences. I love crafting local, artisanal… Sorry. Did I mention that I’m from Portland? Let me start again, without the Portlandese (or Brooklynese or Austinese): I love creating experiences that elevate humans, that make them feel respected, cared for, deeply rested, fed, nourished and refreshed. And I have a job that lets me do that.

I am constantly on the lookout for places that celebrate their dreamers. Cities and towns across this great land where makers, doers and creators are Rock Stars; literally. Where authentic is a way of life. I do all of these things for one over-arching reason: to make transcendent experiences for my fellow travelers. “Travelers,” in the Keseyian sense.

Human | Hotelier | Keynote + TEDx Speaker | Traveler

Bashar Wali is an enthusiast. This becomes painlessly obvious when you meet him. A gentleman by virtue of his upbringing and training as a hotelier, there is nothing mild about Bashar’s interests, fascinations and fervid quests. His grasp on the subject matter and the degree to which he cares about it makes you wonder whether you’ve ever cared for anything. His topics are usually culture- or design- or travel- or business- or food- or hospitality-related. But Bashar is a pragmatist, always looking for that spark, that insight, that perfect symmetry of an idea that can actually be implemented—to improve the human experience. As president of an independent hospitality company, he has the physical stage to make those improvements.

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